About Us

Member Owned Corporation

Unlike other internet providers, our customers are actually the owners of the Company.  Taneynet members receive dividends based on Company performance every quarter that can reduce their internet bill.

Members are invited to regular meetings to vote on Board members, expansion plans and other significant issues pertaining to the strength of their company.

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Our Story

One of your neighbors, Rodney Ballance, Jr, was simply fed up with slow and undependable internet at his family's home in Kissee Mills.  In order to continue his business in the financial services industry, where he had worked for 23 years, he had to buy a building in Forsyth so he could get fast internet.

After moving everything to the "City", he learned that the only two options for internet were certainly not fast or dependable.  He started researching alternatives.  Over the years there were some ideas that seemed feasible, but just didn't look like they would provide the service he would personally demand.

In the Spring of 2016 promising new equipment and technology emerged that proved to be a game changer!  Ballance met with some of his advisers and decided to retire from the financial world to dedicate his full time efforts to improving the lives of his neighbors by providing a truly effective solution.  Taneynet Broadband, Inc. was born!